Sci-fi film displayed in sepia (Memory is kinda foggy)

In the intro, a global conflict (i think?) is happening with an robot invasion led by some mysterious antagonist. A man and a woman, who are the lead characters (i think?), brought together a party and round up in the Himalayas. In the ending, it turns out there is this rocket that acts as an “ark” and contains either animals or their dna. The animals I believed are mutated? The rocket is supposedly going to end up on some “Eden” or paradise on the moon. All this idea about the rocket and the moon are the brainchild of some old, maybe dead megalomaniac in the movie. The mysterious antagonist has some connection to the old megalomaniac, but i can’t remember well.

5 thoughts on “Sci-fi film displayed in sepia (Memory is kinda foggy)

  1. It is definitely Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I recently saw it and it describes everything, even the weird sepia tone.

  2. This is almost certainly correct, but I technically can’t mark it “solved” because the original poster has never come back to verify it. We will say it’s “unofficially solved” for the moment.

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