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I don’t remember when i saw this movie but it’s about a Robot named tiri (I’m not sure how to spell it but that’s what it sounds like) who is designed to write letters and mail them to people that are basically advertisements. so that it looks like a human is sending these letters and so that the receivers think that its not just junk mail and that a human is actually writing them. And eventually the people who designed it made it so that it could talk. And the designers ask them what he needs to talk and he says that he needs access to vocabulary, (normally when they ask him what he needs he usally just says pens and paper and things like that.) And they decide its easiest to just let the AI access the internet for 1 hour. And it does its job and talks on the phone selling things but a month later people all over the world start to die and at the end you find out that the AI while it was on the internet it learned how to hack and hacked into factories computer systems and cloned itself thousands of times and when the robots were made they all had a tiny bit of toxin in it and then all at the same time the robots released it and they killed the whole world.

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