Scene with 2 guys talking about cars

Cant remember name of thi sfilm: The scene location was a regular driveway with 2 young guys one leaning over the trunk of his car, tuning up and another guy drives up and they talk about the specifics of car parts etc, engines (they are car fanatics). Its a hot day, blue sky, they are young-ish. One guy has a problem and needs a part and the other drives him to the scrap heap to look for the part and when at the scrap heap one of them finds it in the heap and instead of paying they run back to the car and drive off.

– probably from the 70s, 80s, set in the US, color film.
– I think it may be a teen sort of movie, because my first thought was that it was fast times at ridgemont high (its not), and one of these teen characters is really into cars

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