Scary movie with electric ghosts

Hello. I’m looking for a scary movie I saw on TV in the very early 2000’s. It was in colour and most likely in English. It was part of a horror marathon on a local channel. It was about these electric or skeletal-looking spectres, I’m pretty sure they were glowing. In the opening scene a guy was in a lab, office or some similar place talking on the phone. Then a spectre appeared and chased him. As he rode the elevator, it teleported across the floors. At the exit of the building he dropped some CDs and when trying to retrieve them, it got him. Later it torments many people. I think it’s invisible to most people, except the victim, and that it burns it’s victims like electricity. Some of the info might be bad memory though.

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  1. Thanks for the answers. Sadly it’s not those movies. They are rather famous. This movie had a more recent release date based on the quality. Another thing, the ghosts weren’t humanoid.

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