Scary movie with a teddy bear full of pills

So there is a movie I watched in 1997-2000 on TV.

There was a scene where a man gives a pill to an elderly lady who looks scary and stares into somewhere. She takes the pill and puts it into her moths. The man then leaves and then the lady takes out the pill and puts it into a teddy bear full of other pills.

If I recall correctly, the lady was sitting on a rocking chair outside of the house.

The movie was in color and in English.

The scene was looking so scary that I immediately turned the TV off, so I don’t know the rest of the plot unfortunately.

Would be glad for any help finding this movie!

1 thought on “Scary movie with a teddy bear full of pills

  1. There is this horror film called “The Pit” or “Teddy” where a teddy bear talks to this young boy who goes in the woods to feed some creatures in a pit. Not sure if the scene you described is in it tho.

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