Scary movie from the 80s with door on side of road???

This scene has stuck with me for years and I have never been able to figure out where it’s from. I think it’s from a movie, but it’s possible it was a t.v. show. I’m pretty sure it’s from the 80s.

This is what I remember: There is a door (I remember it being white and maybe with red markings on it but that could be wrong) on the side of a highway or road. No one is supposed to go through the door. Two teens are missing and it looks like they went through the door, I think I remember cops being outside the door and maybe an upset parent. No one on the search team goes too far into the cave system behind the door. Later, other teens want to try and find them and I think there was something about using a rope tied to the entrance to ensure they would find their way back. I think the premise was that whoever went through the door would be lost forever. Any ideas? Was it a movie?

2 thoughts on “Scary movie from the 80s with door on side of road???

  1. I figured it out – finally googled the right key words. I think the movie I was trying to solve was Mazes and Monsters – I obviously remembered some details incorrectly, but I think I was probably 6 🙂 So this one is solved.

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