Scary car that scared my childhood

*not a native english speaker so bear with me*

When I was a kid I lived in a small village and we had 2-3 channels on the TV. We would fall asleep watching the TV. Usually I was the last one to fall asleep and so could watch part of a horror movie until commercials came on and I fell asleep from boredom and the TV would run until morning, or I woke up later and caught the ending and turned off the TV. Just giving context 😀 this was about 10-13 years ago. This channel could only afford older movies but it was in color and english if it helps.

So one night I fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night to catch the middle-to-end of a horror movie.
I can’t remember exactly because it was a long time ago, but I can remember the ending very well because it scared the s*** out of me.
So this family (father, mother, son and daughter) is running around in the woods, at night and they are screaming each others names. The son gets killed by a hook on the trees or some naked woman with a hook… maybe… The other 3 somehow make it back to the road to their car and quickly get in. The father steps on it. The mother notices that the son is missing so she wants to get out of the car to search for him. The father refuses to stop. The mother then starts saying she saw her mother (the grandma who wasn’t in the movie). She starts screaming again that she wants out to search for her son and mother but the father and daughter start doubting the mothers sanity. She then sits quietly and suddenly jumps out of the car.

Now they might have stopped right then or the daughter had to convince the father to go back I can’t remember but she cracked her head and was dead. They put her on the back seat and drive on and keep passing by the same cabin.
Here’s some conversation they had:
Daughter: “We’ve been passing by that cabin all night”
Father: “This is a military road, all the cabins look the same”
*some arguing and desperation*
Father: “If we keep driving we should be OK”
*of course they run out of gas*

They keep talking, they get out and try to look around. The camera switches to the mother, she opens her eyes. When the father and daughter come back shes gone. They argue that she was surely dead or now is if she ran into the woods.

Now the ending…
The father somehow disappeared, can’t remember how, and the daughter starts running. A black car, could have been a Black Volga, is chasing her. She trips, the car stops with the high beams right in her face *tension* the car backs off and as the lights start disappearing she wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by people, might have been her family, I can’t remember. So if it was her family maybe coma, if it wasn’t maybe she was found.

Spent years trying to find the movie, if it turn out to have been a dream I’m going to feel really stupid.

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    1. Oh wow it is ! Thanks a lot :)) found it a couple of times on IMDB while on my search sprees but dismissed it because of the description 😀

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