Santa Claus Naughty List

I remember this one scene from what I believe was a Christmas film. I watched it when I kind so maybe 10+ years ago, I felt pretty recent when I watched so I think it came out around the time I watched it. I believe I would have seen it on the sky moved channels. Santa Claus is looking through the naughty list, it’s like a digital version  and when it brings up a name it shows a clip of what they had done to be moved onto the naughty list. It showed a clip of a boy and a girl, I think the boy bit someome or destroyed something. I thought it was the santa clause films but I can’t find the scene in any of them. [SOLVED: Fred Claus]


I also have a separate scene which I think is a different film where someone is showing the main character all these different scenarios where they’re peeking in the window. The person showing him the scenarios I think he’s an angel or something, the reason he’s showing him the sceneros is to show him what happens if he makes this big decision I think, I’m not sure if this one is a Christmas film or not.

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