Running away from something street or boulavard???

I must have seen bits of this movie around 2004. I dont remember if I saw it on LifeTime or if it was a porno but their were nude scenes in it and the scenes I remember were of two main characters. A seemingly nice loving boyfriend or husband and a super hot woman that seemed to progressively seem to show some serious split personality issues and even threatened the mans life with a knife in one scene. She leaves at this point and the man pursues days later (I think) trying to find what all that was about (because he clearly cared deeply for her). He finds her trail to some house or trailer and sneaks a peak into the residence to oversee her in what seems to be a scene of a sexually abusive father taking advantage of her while she splits from an innocent and unwilling persona to a more than willing strong willed participant to this mans molestation. Does anyone know what movie this is? I never got to finish it or know what was really going on here.

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