Romatic Comedy circa 2012

So I remember this movie which we thought would be bad but turned out to be really funny.

Don’t remember the title being catchy and no notable stars I thought at the time.

What I do remember is the plot: A couple who I think were married or about to get married… both independently met other people who they both unintentionally fell in love with. The guy and the girl did not want to hurt the other person so tried to avoid the truth, but of course in the end they both told each other (I think in a train station), To each of their surprise they were happy for each other and moved on to go find there ‘new’ lovers.

I also remember an amazingly funny scene in which they go to have dinner or Xmas or something with one of their parents. At some point a digital camera/computer starts showing their homemade naked pictures in the background. They parent could not see the screen so were unaware, the couple were trying to keep it together whilst maintaining normal conversation.

I really want to see it again, or at least that scene haha!

Please help me, I’m going crazy!

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