romantic teen comedy from 80s or 90s

i remember watching a film that i thought was hilarious and a great teen love type movie but i cannot remember hardly anything about the movie… i watched it late night either channel 4 or BBC 2 probably…  i watched it around mid- late 90s but it was already kinda old movie, maybe from the 80s or early 90s.

All i remember is a part where the male teen protagonist is running down a roadside hill trying to catch up with the girl he loves and he keeps falling over and rolling down the hill. she is driving away round curving hills downwards along the road and he tries to take a shortcut down the hillside to catch her. kinda roads like they film in hollywood area. strange this is very vivid in my mind but rest of movie is completely forgotten.. i had thought the main guy was john cusack for a long time but bought lots of his old movies and didnt find this one.  please help thanks

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