Romantic gay movie with happy ending

I am looking for a movie from around 90’s or 00’s, I don’t really know exactly. The movie starts with a group of friends (around 5-6 people) at New Year’s Eve party in a flat. Two of the friends are gay and they make out with each other (I’m not sure). One of them (cute blond) is certainly into his friends, but other one doesn’t return his feelings.

After around 5 years, they all gather for the wedding of the two friends from they group. I remember, that bride’s mother was kinda control freak and she wanted everything to be expensive and so on. And bride was very feministic woman. (sorry, I remember vaguely)

So, two gay friends meet again after all this years. Cute blonde has an older boyfriends, who couldn’t join him to the wedding.

They feel attracted to each other again, and after the wedding they make out again. And next morning, cute blond’s boyfriend shows up at the doorsteps. And this scene I remember clearly, cute blond puts cast on his neck to cover hickeys and tells his boyfriends that he injured his neck.

From that point, I don’t remember anything else. I remember though, that movie had a happy ending of two friends finally becoming lovers.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember more, I remember that I enjoyed this movie a lot and want to rewatch it but cannot remember the name.

Please help.Thanks a lot.

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  1. The movie is a collection of shorts, all the same kind of art work, all animated animals but they don’t look like B/W cartoons or stuffed animals. Their skin is smooth. The quality is excellent, not like a kid made the movie. The words, however, are recordings made of the answers from interviews with real people. The topics are adults, but not x-rated. I watch half of the movie but was falling asleep because I had had a difficult day and wanted to go back the next day and watch the rest of it, but when I went to the same site I couldn’t find it at all. I tried a different site and nothing close came up. Help, please! I really liked the film and want to finish it.

    1. Ms. Feather – You’re looking for the Oscar-winning ‘Creature Comforts’ and its TV spinoffs, by Nick Park and Aardman Animations.

  2. I saw this in a VHS movie tape years ago. This guy was taking to a hospital and a doctor took out a parasite looking worm out of the guy. Fast forward, the guy has $*x with a woman. Fast forward, this group of people, like a SWAT team, go inside a jewelry store or museum(idk). The group sees a monster lizard, dinosaur, looking thing. These monsters appear a lot of times in the movie. The place is filled with booby traps. I remember one of the scenes where a guy fell from a floor and landed stomach flat one the floor below which was covered with spikes. At the end of the movie a nun talks to the man and woman. The man and woman walk around the city and most of the humans are gone, probably eaten by the monsters, and a ending scene I remember is that a bicycle wheel is still spinning even though nobody is there, only the two people. I believe that the movie also ends in a jumpscare. That’s all I remember. I tried to remember everything I could. I hope any of you can help. Ty!

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