Romantic comedy around 2000-2010s

I’ve been trying to find this forever but without success.

I watched it around the 2010s on TV but I’m almost sure it was in the theaters a few years earlier. Not series, it was a length movie for sure.

Romantic comedy with a couple who meets I think in a park at the beginning, for reasons I don’t remember they never get in touch again until many years later his brother(not sure, maybe friend) is marrying a girl, that’s when they’re surprised it’s the same girl from years ago. I don’t remember the actors though.

There’s something which is so faint in my memory that I’m not entirely sure so this may or may not be in the movie: It had something about a paper note(or another memento) in a tree in said park at the beginning, I think they write on it and put in the tree until they come back years later near the end of the movie.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer as best as I can

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  1. To confirm it was “My Sassy Girl(2008)”, I got a lot of details wrong but I’m sure this is the one I was looking for, thank you!

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