Romantic comedy about a british rich man marrying and american actress (not easy virtue)

So I saw this movie as a kid about 14-16 years ago. I googled it and found a movie that’s kind of similar but it’s not that. I don’t know if it’s early 2000’s or before but it feels fairly modern so it’s 90’s at the earliest but I honestly feel like it’s earlier 2000s, it also felt like a very British movie when I was watching but I don’t know if that’s actually the case.

The main premise I remember is that it’s about a British heir (I think a prince or at least some kind of rich/nobility, he lived in a big mansion in the countryside in a fairly small family?) marrying an American actress and her coming to his house to live with him and being in conflict with everyone in his old fashioned countryside because she’s American. And then the plot revolves around her ex boyfriend who’s an actor and vaguely looks like Elvis Presley (basically the ‘Rebel Bad Boy’ of the love triangle) coming after her trying to get her to come back.

I also remember the opening montage being like a very stylized kind of collage of various news articles about their controversial marriage that also has like animations? Like there was an animated airplane to signify her flying to England? Something like that. I also remember a scene where she’s in the mansion and the ex boyfriend is drunk (I think) and calls her from the outside to flirt and be like ‘baby come back’.

Also the movie ends with the actress deciding to go back to her ex and the British man being mopey, and then meeting another American (I think?) girl and basically falling in love with her on sight, and the last shot (or one of them) has his family/servants smiling to themselves and it’s kind of implied in the ending that the British man falls in love with every girl at like lightspeed and that this happens all the time and that the whole thing is about to happen again.

5 thoughts on “Romantic comedy about a british rich man marrying and american actress (not easy virtue)

    1. It’s unfortunately not that and I know because I watched it only a few years back and still remember it very distinctly. But that’s a great and sweet movie, I really like it!

    1. Yes! Yes that’s it! That’s the movie! Thank you so much, that’s a decade old mystery in my brain finally solved!

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