Romance/Comedy/Drama- guy falls in love with his boss’s daughter but she gets with a rich colleague

I’m trying to find a movie I know the plot of but can’t remember a single character/actor name and typing the plot on google didn’t help. The movie isn’t popular at all and the story isn’t that unique so I have a bunch of other movies popping up. I looked through pages of it but still nothing. I’m actually trying to find the actor’s name but I’ve only seen him in that movie. The actor isn’t famous either.
Here’s what I remember about the plot:

There’s this guy who works as a maintenance worker/handyman at this company in New York. He lives with his roommate and his roommate is like “When are you gonna get a girlfriend bro, all you do is work and play video games?”. Then one day at work he meets this beautiful woman who happens to be the daughter of his boss. And obviously, he falls in love with her. He starts stalking her and flirting with her but she ends up falling for a really handsome rich guy who starts working for her father and the two of them start dating. She eventually realises he’s not for her and at the end, he embarrasses himself and she ends up with the maintenance worker. The story also features a homeless man who helps the guy win her heart but I can’t remember how exactly. Idk if you can help me better than google but I’m gonna try. Thanks in advance!

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