Rollercoaster ride ends in a grinder

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the particular scene I remember is the following: A group of people, a white family iirc, is riding inside an underground rollercoaster. While they are sort of afraid, they also sort of enjoy the ride until the ride suddenly stops and ejects the lot into a grinder like machinery. I can still remember something like a punching machine, with several pistons hitting from above on a conveyor belt. Everything in deep red light. The scene cuts here and resumes with the collected bones being forcefully ejected on the other side onto a large pile of bones.



Further background: Iirc the movie was sort of horror but also family friendly, think the Goonies or Witches. there was no actual gore apart from some blood on the bones. No one is actually seen dying, but it might have been censored by the broadcaster. From the image quality, I’d guess an 80s or early 90s production. I think there was a mansion on the country side involved, I seem to remember a large house surrounded by a desolated landscape, but my memory is most like affected by how many times I tried to remember the actual plot.


Thanks to anyone solving this riddle that haunts me for over a decade now.

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