“Rocker” bikers and sand aliens (?) sci-fi b movie

Remember watching this definitely in the mid 70s. My memory seems to point to it being a film from the 60s (b&w and dubbed to Spanish – I was born in PR and we definitely did not have cable back then). All I remember is that there were these bikers – sort of like Rough rocker rough guys riding in Harley like motorcycles. I dont remember if they were fighting rhe aliens or if they were the aliens. I do remember one of them inside a flying saucer and going inside a sort of like a standind pod or something similar to the old school Star Trek teleporters and he turning to either stone/sand/dirt.
If anyone can figure out this one…
you are awesome!

3 thoughts on ““Rocker” bikers and sand aliens (?) sci-fi b movie

  1. no, it is not that one. I forgot to say that it was in a desert setting. Something that seemed similar to Arizona or the like.

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