Robby Benson look-a-like in 70’s movie of the week

I think it was a Friday night movie of the week, but it could have been some other night. Mid or later 70’s movie about a woman and her son, whom I could have sworn was Robbie Benson. But the movie doesn’t appear in his IMDB, so I guess it was a look-a-like. The woman comes home drunk from a bar one night and is brutally beaten, raped, and murdered. The killer might have been a guy she picked up at the bar, but it is the son who is accused of killing her. The innocent son (who is 17 or 18) was out with a friend on the night his mother is murdered, and he comes home to find her bloody beaten body. The actor does a great job portraying a hysterically grief-stricken son in shock when he finds his mother’s body.

Does anyone remember this intense movie? Appreciate all suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Robby Benson look-a-like in 70’s movie of the week

  1. Yes! Thank you so much. I watched it and I knew the mother was a drunk somehow but I edited that info out of my post as to not offend anyone. I had no idea that it was a true story! The guy did kinda look like R.B. or at least his hair do, lol. I was very young when I saw it and the scene where they find her bloody body really stuck with me. Thanks again!

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