Road movie about runaway wife

I am looking for an american film of 70’s, I guess. It is about a woman who suddenly for no reason runs away from her husband into a journey. She drives a car alone, telephones husband from telephone booth. Then meets some people on her way. I don’t remember the middle part of the film. But by the end she is acquainted with a guy with intellectual disability, who falls in love with her. She is also flirting with some sportsman, may be baseball player. This guy forces her to have sex with him, but boy with intellectual disability somehow saves the woman by killing the sportsmen. But now he has to go to a prison. This is the end of the film.


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    1. The entire movie appears to be on YouTube, but in seven parts, so to find each segment you might need to use the search engine. Sort of a dry run for The Godfather as it was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with James Caan and Robert Duval in the main male roles.

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