Rich English guy and a servant

I didn’t actually watch the movie I saw a scene as someone was skipping the channels and I would like to know what movie it is.

The scene I saw was this:

The rich guy and the servant appeared to be searching for something on the floor. The servant made a smart ass comment to the rich guy and he’s amused by this and says something like “I’ve never been talked to like that by a servant before” and she says “Well, I’m not a regular servant”

The movie looked like it could be made in the 80s or 90s but the time period was later ( not sure when).

Also the servant girl was in a pink dress and I believe she has brown hair.

5 thoughts on “Rich English guy and a servant

    1. Nope that’s not it. Fran Drescher is in that, I would definitely recognize her.

      Thanks though.

      I guess I should add they both have English Accents.

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