remembering an island horror movie

iam trying to remember a rather old-ish english horror movie. Was nothing popular I think. Was in color and seemed to be 1980’s or 90’s camera work

t was about this lady kidnapped to an island by a group of men and one woman(might have been the boss). Some people try and rescue her I think. Problem is the island has a “ghoul” or zombie there to protect it or its at least there killing the villains (and possibly members of the rescue group) in every encounter.

The “monster” is really just a well toned african American male actor in bad face makeup (especially the ridiculous eyes) but for the purpose of the movie is meant to be some sort of zombie monster.

6 thoughts on “remembering an island horror movie

  1. “Porno Holocaust”(1981)? Directed by Aristide Massacessi under the pseudonym of Joe D’Amato. It might have several other titles, but that is the x-rated version.

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