Religious school, girl hangs herself for non corresponded love

please help its driving me insane. 

I saw this movie a couple years back. I don’t remember if it’s a foreign film or they spoke English. It’s in a Religious school just for Girls. The teachers teach them to be lady like to be basically sold as virgins to older men. One girl was left to starve in a library. They were auditioned to who would play the girl and boy in the play and they cut off on of the girls hair to play the boy. They began a romance and when the girl who was picked as the main star of the play flirted with the man who was gonna be her husband. The girl whon played the boy hung herself right before the play. The show goes on and at the end the man takes the girls virginity and she runs off crying in the woods trying to run away because he was abusive and she ends up at an all boys religious school and screams. That’s all I remember please help!! 

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