Redhead “actress” faking to roomy

In color, maybe late 80’s to early 90’s. I think maybe a short, like tales from the dark side or crypt. A redhead has roommate and she’s a so-called actress. She keeps faking being dead or hurt to her roomy friend. So when finally something really happens, like there is a killer or sonething like that, in the apartment, her roommate does not believe it. Think she gets killed, the roommate, or maybe both of em. I thought I know the actress, she is redhead, just don’t know her name. But I checked her imdb and could not find the movie I thought she was on. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Redhead “actress” faking to roomy

    1. No but thanks.

      I believe a man dressed in all black with gloves and mask snuck inside their apartment. (I think) the apartment had those elevator type way of getting into the apartment. (I think) if that helps. It had to be from those short movie types like Ray Bradbury or so. Unless I’m wrong.

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