Red Riding Hood-esque film, Late 80’s/90’s

This is driving me nuts.

It was about late nineties when I saw it, 1999 at the latest. It was in English It was on T.V. So it was either a movie or a made for TV one because it was longer than an hour.

But it was a live action, modern and rather urban retelling of Red Riding hood. I think at one point  the woman playing the role of Red, no idea of her character name, was consumed by the wolf and had to be cut out and there was a weird scene with her being inside the wolf, it looked like a womb-themed room rather than, you know, a wolf’s stomach.  But all I remember is the ending which was really cliche or something where she wakes up and it seems to be a dream, but she looks out her window and sees a wolf prowling the streets, but I believe the movie was  set ina  New York type setting.

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