Recent Indie Romance About Woman who Finds Notes in a Book

So, I’ve only seen the trailer for this movie, but as many of us know, nowadays trailers nearly give the entire movie away. Anyway, the protagonist is a woman about 30-35 years old, a bit plain looking with no love interests and a boring job. She goes to a used book shop and finds a book with notes written in it. Moved by the heartfelt/witty/sentimental words, she somehow tracks down the previous owner of the book- which is such a very romantic idea (sigh)…. when people aren’t crazy. After they meet, it seems like they end up falling for each other. However, there’s another love interest for the protagonist, a rather heavyset guy who has a good sense of humor. The only other detail I remember is that the woman’s friend says something like, “there’s no guys interested in you for ages, but suddenly they all want you, trying to rip off those granny panties.” I’d appreciate any help with the title of this fairly recent indie film. Thanks!

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    1. That’s not it, but thanks for your help! I think that the movie I’m looking for is from 2014 or 2015. There aren’t any big actors or anything either, so it may be a long shot. But thanks again :).

  1. This is just a wild guess because the film you describe sounds just like this short film that was on netflix recently, but the roles are reversed, HE finds the book and tracks HER down…..”The Book And The Rose”(2001)
    You can watch the trailer here:
    Also, I think the full film is on Hulu.

    1. How funny…I was just thinking about watching The Book & the Rose on Amazon Prime. I really must like that story-line of finding someone through an old book, lol. It’s not the trailer I saw, but I think I give it a go. Thanks!

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