Recent Crime/Thriller from Netflix

Please, help me. I watched this movie in 2017-2018 on Netflix, but they took it down since. It’s new, US. The main character is played by a French (I think) actor. Ex special op in Middle East leaves the Army having some PTSD, ends up in USA in CIA or Police, where his somewhat shady looking superior challenges him right away with a witness protection case in a mob case and almost explicitly warns not to go near some falling apart fort in the nearby forest. Needless to say the MC ends up near that fort, looses the witness and discovers a ring of dark criminal activity, including kidnapping of young people, torture, murders, going on in that fort and involving mob bosses, other respected locals and curated by his superior. MC takes out bad guys in the fort one by one and his superior gets killed on a landmine boobie trap generously placed around the fort.

The superior looks a bit like Michael Chiklis (Eagle Eye, Fantastic 4), but it’s not him. Generic plot, not a single widely known actor, not a single female character in the entire movie. Please, kindly help. 🙂

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