Recent, anachronistic low-budget Western, read about on 366 Weird Movies

I haven’t seen this one, only read about it in a post on 366 Weird Movies. It was probably not part of the official list or apocrypha, and may have been a short/less than feature length.

From what little I recall, it sounded like a quasi-Western shot in desert-type locations, with a very small cast. There were oddly low-budget choices, like cheaply home-printed or even handwritten crossroads signs, and inexplicable anachronisms such as someone presenting a credit card to pay for lodging.

In spite of remembering these specific details, I don’t seem to be phrasing anything correctly for the search engine at 366 to dig up my answer. Still trying, though. In the meantime, does this ring a bell for anyone?

8 thoughts on “Recent, anachronistic low-budget Western, read about on 366 Weird Movies

  1. Well, I should be able to figure this out, but your description isn’t ringing a bell. Perhaps Oblivion–but that’s not very recent.

    Since I Can’t think of any features that meet this description, it probably was a short, or maybe even just something mentioned in a film festival roundup. I’ll keep thinking about it, if you can’t come up with any more details.

    1. Thank you, I don’t think Oblivion is it but I might give that one a watch.

      The film I’m remembering very well could’ve been part of a roundup rather than its own post. And I guess I didn’t define “recent” – I mainly mean it’s not from the classic Western heyday. Some vague notion suggests it came out in the past 10-15 years.

    1. Good call. The story takes place in Nicaragua during the real filibuster by an American loose cannon (circa 1850’s. They are traveling in a stagecoach and someone pulls out a copy of TIME magazine.

      That might be it.

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