real fantasy movie

I remember watching this movie on the TV around 18 years ago, around in  the beggining 90’s. I saw it translated into spanish so I’m not sure if it was in english or another language (sorry!) but i’m sure it was a movie beacause it was very long for my age. The movie was set in the real world but like the medieval age or something and it was about a girl who is transported by a magic piece of an enchanted mirror I think and she landed in a fairy tale world, then she met a young man who wasn’t human and he falls in love with her but she doesn’t love him because she met a prince or a character who saves her so in the end she and this not-human characterremains friends.

in the last scene I remember seiing this non-human character sitting with someone behind a waterwheel playing a sitar or singing a song.


I would really appreciate if you could tell me what movie this is!

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