Rapist turned into the girl he raped

i saw this movie about a year ago on netflix but i cant find it anymore. it was about this guy who rapes and kills this girl and the father of the girl kidnaps the man who raped his daughter. he holds the man in his basement and gives him only one thing which is a diary. the dad, with the help of an assistant, slowly turns the man into his daughter by giving him breast implants and cutting off his penis. the man, after reading the dairy day after day after day, comes to believe that he is the daughter. he starts calling the father dad and one day the assistant takes the “daughter” to a room that looks just like the one the real daughter was raped and killed in and plans to rapes and kills the man but a police women or something comes and stops it i think.. thats all i really remember BUT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE.

8 thoughts on “Rapist turned into the girl he raped

  1. Interestingly enough, you guys just solved the mystery of the film I was looking for although different from the film Jillian was looking for. The Skin I Live In was the movie I was trying to remember the name of !


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