Rape Movies

Three Movies: First One: A pregnant lady was at home alone and a group of men came and raped her ( I think it was actually one of them who did it)  it’s like they had some disagreement with her husband, unfortunately she died but her husband seek revenge. (I think it’s a Chinese movie and it’s from the 90s or 80s).                                                                                                                   Second One: A girl who was mentally challenge was raped she jumped through the window and fell on a gate with the pointed tops and died, I remembered two other scenes where her father was seeking revenge, he went up to three men on the street and said “one, two, go” and shoot the third man and another part where he was in a building and he told the security guard that they raped his daughter and the guard told him he has two minutes or something like that to leave and he left.  It’s from the 80s or 90s                                                                                                 Third One: A woman lives in this big apartment complex and it got broken into at one point, there’s a scene in it where she was talking to her boyfriend, then she said And I was raped, then he held her two hands and asked ,”what do you mean you were raped”, then she said” three Chinese boys”, then she said” just go” and she was crying ( I think it’s a popular movie but I don’t know the name of it) maybe from the 90s [Solved: Year of the Dragon]

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    1. Do they have a remake to it? From the comments from the trailer someone said they going to have a remake in Las Vegas. Is not so I remembered it, I think the man is a little younger in the one I described

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