Pulled Through A Mirror

I saw this horror movie about 10 years ago, I believe on TV, but it might have been a movie I rented. I only remember a couple scenes from it, don’t even recall the entire plot. The first scene I believe near the opening was a group of young adults in bus, not a school bus, more like a tour bus or RV, a couple beautiful girls, a couple good looking guys, and I believe a heavy-set “comic relief” type guy. They were laughing about or at something. The next scene I recall is a young woman going into this run-down showers in a wooded area, the woman is walking through the lockers, walks to sinks where the mirror should be is all covered with wood. She keeps hearing something. She leans in to look thru a crack in the wood, and someone breaks thru the boards and pulls her screaming into the blackness. The other scene is a girl walking through an A-frame cabin and hears music coming from upstairs in the loft, goes up the stairs and finds a record playing. The last scene I remember is the surviving couple of people in a recreation room, while the killer is outside, and I believe a young police officer or security guard walks outside to check things out, and I believe he is either wounded, or ends up being the killer. I’ve been trying to look for this movie for ages, I know I saw it, but can’t remember the name. I very vaguely recall the actors having accents (maybe Australian or British?)

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