Psychological thriller

I saw this movie on television as a child. It was late 1950’s or early 1960’s. It was filmed in black and white. I think it was a movie shown on television but it could have been a tv show. It was a psychological thriller.

The scene I remember was a dream sequence. It is a recurring nightmare. The adult male character is trying to figure out what the dream means.

In the dream, the adult character is a young boy. He is hiding under a dining room table. Something traumatic is happening in the room but he cannot see. Some men are standing around the table but all the boy can see is their legs. Either the legs suggest prison bars or the dreamer is reminded of prison bars. It could be that in the dream he sees bars but what really happened was he was hiding and these men came in and stood around the table while something terrible happened and the young boy was so traumatized that he repressed the event and when he is grown he is haunted by this dream that obscures what really happened.

I wish I could remember more but that’s what I have. That scene has stayed with me for 60 years.

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