Psychological Thriller

Maybe 3 or 4ish years ago, I streamed a movie from Netflix. This was back when they had a Psychological Thriller category to pick from. I have since lost access to the account to look through the history. My memory of this movie is fragmented, but I’m hoping my description will be enough. It’s been so long that I can’t remember any specific actors/actresses that starred in the movie. With some bit of confidence, I can say that I don’t think there were any big-named actors in the movie.


In this movie, there’s a guy who may or may not be a detective. He’s been searching for a child who went missing years ago, and keeps having dreams/visions of what I remember to be something like a lake and a chest/case that is closed. (The dream part is a little fuzzy to me, and might be part of another movie, but I’m not sure anymore.) Anyway, he was walking down the street and sees an art gallery/store with a picture(s) that stood out to him, so he enters. Eventually he gets to talking more with the woman who owns the place/artwork throughout the movie… Fast-forward to the end, he sees that she has a case/chest that she has and when opening it and seeing the contents, he realizes that she had been the missing child grown up after all those years.


I really hope that I don’t have bits of other movies details in there, but that’s about all that I remember from it anymore, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure out what movie it was. The closest movie that I’ve come across that is similar in description is In Dreams, but that’s not it.

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