Prostitute Vomits Blood into Car

I saw this I think sometime between 1999 and 2005. My dad was watching it on TV and I was peeping in from the kitchen. It was color, modern-day looking, in English.

The only scene I saw was  of a pimp or a john driving up to a prostitute on the sidewalk. He says something like “How you doin’ baby?” She leans in through the window, and says “I feel like shit.” Then she vomits a large amount of blood and maybe some gore (I seem to remember some bones???? not sure about that) The guy in the car freaks out and drives off.

For years I was sure it was Dracula 2000, but I recently watched the whole movie and that scene wasn’t there. I might be remembering wrong about the vomit being blood. It may have just been regular vomit. But I think the blood is what made it stick in my memory. Any ideas? Thanks!

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