Professor turns into a giant bird

I saw this movie in 70’s its about a group of scientist who discover something or do something and one of them feels left out and dicides to get even and builds a machine in a cave that changes himself into a giant bird he still has his head with bird body, the ending is that they wrap himup in trap and row out to sea and throw him overboard. that’s all I remember, looking for title

7 thoughts on “Professor turns into a giant bird

  1. There is a black and white version, but I think the one shown on television was in color. It seems to be in the public domain and you can watch it on Youtube.

  2. Fa’ cryin’ out loud, how do ya get a response on here?! I know I nailed this one. It doesn’t even have to be within 10 minutes like some other ones on here, I’ll take a late response.

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