professor builds a time machine/portal

Movie is from 2013/2014. Take place around the same time “a beautiful mind” took place. Setting is at a prestigious university, oxford or yale or something. professor builds a time machine/portal that allows him to go back in time. i think there might have been something about a well or a girl falling into a well. migh have been a sundance movie..not sure. Im pretty sure the title had the word theory in it. Im pretty sure the movie had the title “theory of everything” but the hawking movie is coming out and has the same title. Im pretty sure the word theory might have been in the title. Unless they changed the title. not sure

7 thoughts on “professor builds a time machine/portal

  1. In The Theory of Everything (2006), the professor is racing against Alzheimer’s; not sure about a time machine, though.

    The Time Machine (2002) ?

    1. Non of those :/. Maybe it was a student and not a professor. Can’t find it driving me nuts. The guy does some crazy math equations on a chalk board. Puts a team together that ends up building a time machine which he uses to go back in time to try an alter the future. I think one of the times he goes through the portal ends up breaking

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