Post-WW2 Movie About Clothes Designer With Lost Song Online


There is currently an search online to find more info about this lost song:

During the search, two people claimed they heard this song in a movie.
One person who claims to have watched this movie in 2008 described it as post-WW2 American movie that focused on the life of people after the war.

Main character is a woman who is a clothes designer and in one scene she was scolded by the supervisor of the dressmaking shop she works at.

Does anyone recall ever watching a movie that sounds as described and has a song that I posted link of?

4 thoughts on “Post-WW2 Movie About Clothes Designer With Lost Song Online

  1. That is not a song that would be in a movie from the forties or fifties. The plot sounds like I Can Get it For You Wholesale, but it doesn’t have that song.

  2. well i seen no cat in the whole movie…but from the description…i think this phantom thread is your movie?………

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