Post Apocalyptic Distopia or Purgatory

I watched this movie (on TV, probably on PBS) late at night in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

The protagonists were a young girl and boy, possibly siblings.

The setting was either a post-apocalyptic dystopia or purgatory.  There were no “gadgets” to speak of…the setting could have almost been medieval.

The main conflict and quest goal was to reach heavenevolve.

There were no special effects, but the costumes and props seemed elaborate.  The costumes remind me of the “Blitz Kids” from the Bowie music video “Ashes to Ashes”

The lighting in the film was very dark.

There was one scene in a vast desert where the protagonists try to avoid a passing group wearing robes.

There seemed to be a lot of philosophical dialogue about life, death, the after-life and even evolution.

It might have been a subtitled  foreign film, but wasn’t a campy 80’s sci-fi production like “Solarbabies.”  It felt more like an art film.

The final act has one of the leads reunited with a character in Heaven, and a secret is revealed that there had been purposeful manipulation of the events of the character’s life.  The final scene takes place near a fountain with lots of greenery.

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