Post-apocalyptic and/or erotic film

I watched the film in the mid-90s on TV.
The film was shot in the period 80-90 years.
The film is in color.

I only remember one scene from the film.
The scene takes place at night, perhaps around a fire.
The scene involves three people, a man and two women.
The man is white, middle aged.
One of the women is white, presumably a doctor.
The second woman is wild or feral.
As I remember, the meaning of the scene is that a man and a woman doctor caught a second wild woman to get information from her, but the wild woman does not speak, then they decide to resort to a specific way to get her to talk and in the end they succeed.
Description of the scene I remember.
The man will take off the clothes from himself and the wild woman, then he puts on a special device, the device is located in the groin area or put directly on the genitals like a condom, the woman doctor sits next to her and looks at what is happening, realizing that the man cannot decide to start, she begins to remove clothes and caressing herself, the man stops her with the words “no need” and begins to have sex with the wild woman.

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