Possibly Canadian movie about the hobo life hopping trains

Hi everyone,

I’ve been stumped on this one for a long time.  It’s extra tough because it is not a known movie, possibly a low budget independant movie.  I only saw bits and pieces of it at the time (channel surfing), but I now want to watch the whole thing.

Plot that i remember : 

a bearded homeless man possibly in his 40’s is train hopping and entering street fights to make some money.  He meets a young male hustler (also homeless) who offers to manage him.  He agrees and somehow he figures out that boy hustler is ripping him off.  They get in a scuffle over it, where the man discovers the boy is actually a young girl.  <memory lapse here> They eventually fall in love as they go train hopping from place to place entering bum fights.  That and I remember a scene where  they needed to cross the river but didn’t want to get wet, and the girl took off her clothes and jumped into the river to swim it.  (can’t remember if there is nudity)

Approx Date I saw it : sometime in the 90’s.  I’m thinking 1994 but I could be wrong.

Language : English

Country : Likely Canadian.

Saw it on : TV in color (CBC channel in Canada)

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