Possibly a Western Movie where in the scene a man dressed in Silver & Black (SB) with long silver…

…(or  black) hair gets shot in the stomach by another man and a large hole appears in the SB man’s stomach. SB man then rides away on horseback laughing!

I was helping a family member in a hotel room and this movie was on the hotel room tv in 2016 in Canada. It was an eerie somewhat dark scene and the man who shot the SB (Silver and Black) man in the movie might have had brown hair (and probably shorter hair length than the bad SB man). It might have been a cowboy or western movie and there were other men around in this movie scene. It seemed like the black and silver man was a bad guy or antagonist and he may have had Supernatural power since a large hole appeared in his stomach after he was shot but then he just rode away on his horse laughing… Please help! This was kind of a dramatic moment in my life when I was attempting to help a family member through a tough time…Thanks and much appreciated!

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    1. Ok I just flicked through the scenes on Youtube for the 1973 Westworld and I really dont think thats it. This SB man character was CRAZY and loud and unlike any character Ive ever seen on screen. His laugh was distinguishable and loud and crazy and unlike any character I could see so far in this Westworld movie. Thanks regardless! I enjoyed checking out the old Westworld from 1973. I also heard the new show is amazing. Cheers.

  1. I remember the Silver and Black man had a really loud distinguished “cackle” for a laugh and he kept shouting things then laughing. After he was shot in the stomach a large cavity for a hole appeared in the stomach and I cant remember if it just healed or if the large hole was left there and then he got on his horse and rode away up an incline. It seemed like a dusty town for a setting like in a typical Western movie. The “cowboy” who shot the bad black and silver man had a POV angle that zoomed in on the bad man from the cowboy’s “gun-sight” perspective. I think it may have been a rifle but Im not sure what type of gun was used to shoot the Silver and Black really interesting kind of cool but creepy bad guy! Ive been trying to find this movie for a year now! Thanks…

  2. Sounds like the black and silver guy might be Bad Bob the Albino from “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean”(1972). There is a scene where Bean shoots a big hole through Bad Bob and you can see through to the other side and he stands there for a while. You can see that shot at the end of this clip from Youtube.


    1. Holy cow! I’m still not sure. Bad Bob the Albino seems like it might be the exact character or a character very similar but was there ever another movie or scene with Bad Bob where he was shot in the stomach and a similar cavity (hole) appears as in the link to the scene above but then he gets back on a horse and rides away! Thanks, I feel like I’m getting closer!

      1. Ok that scene with Bad Bob the Albino is not the scene I saw in the Hotel room (it can’t be). Thanks again!!! I’m also not trying to be difficult… Ha. Thanks Livinghead.

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