Possibly a sci-fi movie

A movie I saw on television in the early 90’s. It was in color and in english. I don’t remember much, but there were some scenes that stood out.

It had to do with a group of people going into the city sewers. Maybe a terrorist group or thieves. A woman is arrested and put on trial. They show her security footage of a hand pulling on an electrical cable in the sewers, causing a massive explosion that probably killed her team. She repeatedly denies it was her.

Another scene shows a man in what looks to be a robotic suit and helmet. He’s completely armored up, save for his eyes, which are behind a transparent lens. At one point, a character wants to know who he is, and he lifts up his helmet and shows a deformed face. The transparent eye lens turn out to be part of an entire fishbowl-like tank, encasing his head. It was later found out that he was the one that pulled the electrical cable.

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