possibly 70’s movie scene: kid trapped under water or tree?

I was a young kid so this had to be late 80’s or early 90’s when I saw this clip. I think the show was from 70s. Either black and white or that light techni-color(?) that isnt really bright color.  I saw it on t.v., even though I strongly remember it being a movie, and only really remember one scene vividly.

I believe there are two kids and they are staying ag this old house in the woods; its a two story house. Not sure if they are on vacation or have parents there. But at one point, one kid gets trapped under water either under tree branches or under ice (but I’m pretty sure its summer so ice would be odd). I think the old woman (witch) is in the window makig this happen.  She is bad, maybe only the kids know it. I think the kid gets out just barely before it (she?) would have died. It was in english. And im guessing suitable for a kid to watch.

Please help, I have been seeing this clip and trying to figure this movie out for years!

5 thoughts on “possibly 70’s movie scene: kid trapped under water or tree?

  1. There’s a pivotal scene where the girl gets trapped under the water by a fallen tree and the old woman who seemed menacing before pokes at her with a stick, seemingly trying to drown her faster — but instead she dislodges the girl from the tree and saves her.

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