Possible Zombie Movie?

So maybe about 15 or so years ago I saw this movie at my grandparents house. They had the TV playing, and this movie freaked me out. I only remember bits and pieces. It was definitely in English and in color. So the first scene I remember is this woman lives in this house alone and she opens her freezer/fridge and there’s blood in it. I don’t remember if there were body parts, but definitely something to make her not happy. And then this man shows up, and I keep remembering him as a zombie? But maybe he was just weird/possessed or something. But he keeps trying to seduce her. There’s a weird bathtub scene or something. And then the movie ends with this man dancing in the flames of this woman’s house as its burning down. Unsure if hes dancing with this woman, or if his zombie lover came back to him, but the house is completely engulfed and they are slow dancing. And that’s all I remember. I’ve been looking for this movie for a while, so any help would be super appreciated!

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