Possible Ghost POV Tracking shot

I’ve been trying to find this on IMDb with no luck, and I came across this site yesterday so I figured I better give it a try over here too.

There’s this scene I saw from a film when I was a kid that I think of every once in a while, and I’d like to find the movie if I can. It might be too vague though, but we’ll see.

I’d say I saw it between 2000 and 2003, but it could have been an older film because it was on tv.
I was flipping though channels and the scene goes like this, from what I can remember – It was a pov tracking shot of something flying (I remember it as flying, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was) I assumed it was a spirit or ghost at the time, but it could have been a person. I believe it went up stairs and then down a hallway into a bedroom. There was a woman in the bed and when she saw whatever it was she screamed. I think she was sleeping and it woke her up…it was right over her while she was screaming when I changed the channel because I got scared.
I don’t really remember what the woman looked like, or the house really – I do remember thinking the woman was wealthy at the time though, so it must have been on the nicer side.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

People have suggested, The Frighteners, Raising Arizona, and The Haunting (1999) – It isn’t any of those.

12 thoughts on “Possible Ghost POV Tracking shot

    1. When I saw this trailer I thought it was a ghost too, then decided to watch it. Turns out it was a movie I had been looking for, a happy accident.

      1. I’m going to have to find this and watch it (either way it looks interesting) but I’m pretty sure this is it! That part in the trailer where the girl is screaming in bed looks like it might be it…I’ll have to see the full scene though. I’ll see if I can find it by this weekend and let you know for sure, but I’m pretty hopefull, so thank you!

        1. Nice. It was a shock I stumbled onto it just last month. I really didn’t remember much. It was quite enjoyable, brings me way back. I watched it on my phone. They don’t have in blockbuster.

          1. I found it on Youtube and watched it. Turns out it’s not it – in the scene I remember, leading up to the woman screaming in bed there’s definitely some sort of tracking shot through the hall. The Unseen was an interesting watch though, so thanks for the suggestion.

  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula ? (1992) There is a scene that looks like that about halfway though the movie.

    1. I just re-watched that in October, so I know that one isn’t what I’m looking for, but thank you for the suggestion 🙂

    1. the shot is similar, but it’s not it. I have a feeling what I saw was probably some obscure made for tv movie or something like that (honestly it could have even been a tv show) I’ll probably never find it. The woman was definitely in bed alone, and I remember her bedroom being a bit more lit up. Thank you for the suggestion

  2. Hi RobinSparkles, did you ever find the name of this movie? I’m pretty sure we saw the same movie (possibly even at the same time!) and I’m desperate to figure out what it is because it’s driving me crazy!

    1. Sorry, I just saw the email notification for this…it’s been a while!

      Unfortunately, I never found this film – but it is reassuring that someone else knows what I’m talking about!

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