Possible Anime

This was a music video I saw before a movie that was going to be shown in the park started playing. I would have seen this around 2005, but who knows when it was made. The scenes from the music video looked like they were taken from a movie, and I could barely hear the song because of all the noise. It was animated and in color, in the style of  something like Ponyo. It featured these two military guys who had found a boy with angel wings (maybe he actually was an angel?) and they were trying to keep him away from this bad guy who was chasing him for some reason. At the end, the guys were driving a truck or Jeep, lifted the kid up, and he flew away.

1 thought on “Possible Anime

  1. There is a music video by JPop duo Chage & Aska which was animated by Studio Ghibli (Ponyo’s studio) called “On Your Mark” only the angel was a young girl. Otherwise you’ve described it to a tee.

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