Portal to another place, guy gets eaten at the end

Hey guys, I just remembered, out of no where, a scene from either a movie or a show where this guy and a friend or group of people find/discover a portal or like an invisible wall but through it he can see a house and a big grass yard and in the house a, what appear to be, nice family and a beautiful woman live. He attempts to go through it and discovers that when he threw a rock or ice, i can remember exactly, at the “wall”, the rock went through it. So he then sets up a machine that constantly threw rocks or ice, at the wall until finally the rocks go through it and he jumps through the whole to the other side where the family lived. Once there, he walks around for a bit in the grass and goes to the house. Now I can’t remember what happened exactly once there but i remember that the family turned out to be savages or cannibals and end up eating the guy. At the end, the member of the family is banging a bone from the guy on to the portal’s wall, I’m guessing in an attempt to close it. Sorry if it sounds so vague but I tried to be as descriptive as possible with as much as I remembered.

2 thoughts on “Portal to another place, guy gets eaten at the end

  1. Night Visions – “A View Through the Window.” s01E05. Adapted from a great short story by Bob Leman, “Window.”

  2. The cannibal-family member was banging the bone against the window not to close it, but to identify that one cyclical moment of transdimensional weakness that would allow him to break through the window into our universe – and REALLY feast!

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