Poisoning Scene

So the scene I am talking about is at the end of a movie.

I dont remember the events leading up to it, but a woman is relaxing in a nice mansion after having made off with some type of money or evil-based success. I want to say its Tilda Swinton, but I don’t know if it is.

A man shows up in the living room of this mansion while the woman watches her little girl play outside. The woman is surprised to see him because she thought he was dead, i believe she tried to poison him but he survived.

He then tells her that she is feeling ill because she is poisoned. And that she probably thought she just had a cold, but she was really poisoned and had very little time to live. The woman gets upset, but its a good scene, because she was a horrible bitch in the movie. He then leaves.

WHAT IS THIS MOVIE? Its driving me nuts

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