please Name that movie

I have seen a movie which I can’t remember its name, would any expert name that movie, I think the movie is made from 2008 to 2012, the movie is foreign, I think English or Scottish or something nearby this countries and the movie filmed in a suburb, the movie about a girl that she can’t talk because she never talk to anybody since she was born, she escaped from a place and the people thinks she is mad or psycho but she is not, the policeman of the village tried to search about and found her, tried to investigate about her, she escaped again and two farmers in the village found her, abused her sexually, later the policeman found her, the policeman falls in love with her, he discovered that she escaped from his father who is a priest that hide her in a room under a church to not let the people in the village that he has a girl and he sinned with a woman, , at the end of the movie the girl died fallen from a window.

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