Please Help Us Figure Out This Movie!

Sometime around 2003 to 2006 I watched a movie with my stepfather and we really loved it, but it was during the time we were using an antenna so we never could figure out the title.  We’ve tried looking for it for years, but with zero success.  Over the years though our memories of the movie have become vague, so we have very little to go on now.  There are only four major things about this movie that we actually remember now.

  1. The main character is a depressed man who has an affair with his brother’s fiancee.
  2. He has flashbacks throughout the movie of his father drowning.
  3. He’s filled with self-loathing and inner turmoil, because he loves his brother and wants him to be happy, but he’s attracted to his future sister-in-law, and he feels guilty that he couldn’t save his father.
  4. He tries to commit suicide through drowning in the ocean at the end of the movie, but he ends up being saved.  (We can’t remember who saved him though.)

We know that it’s not much to go on, but if anyone could help us figure out this movie that would be fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Please Help Us Figure Out This Movie!

  1. I was able to figure out the movie by asking around the IMDb message boards. The movie is “Radio inside” (1994). Thanks anyway.

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